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Most Random Place to Find Vegan Sweets: Sunrise Mart

Sunrise Mart on Broome St. in SoHo
Nearly a year ago, I started working in SoHo. One of the first thing I noticed was that my lunchtime options were limited. I stumbled upon Sunrise Mart one day while strolling down Broome St. I decided to stop in with hopes that there would be an avocado roll or something along those lines. Boy, was I surprised to find this place sold Earth Balance, Tempeh, Vegan Mayo, Vegan Curry and best of all, plenty of Vegan Sweets.

A huge part of their ice cream freezer is vegan, with Rice Dream and Tofutti selections. In addition, the refrigerated section has zen soy pudding, silk chocolate soy milk to-go, and so delicious coconut yogurt. The best part is that the goods here are priced very reasonably. And you can pick up some interesting Japanese fruit while you're at it!

Every once in a while they will have other random vegan sweets, such as chocolate covered almonds, that are clearly labeled.

I'm not quite sure why they are so vegan friendly because there is nothing of this sort in the nieghborhood but I am very happy for it. There is also a Sunrise Mart in the East Village above St. Marks bookstore but I have never been. If you have been, fill me in on if it carries vegan sweets & other staples as well!!

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