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So Delicious Coconut Ice Cream rules my world!

"The verdict is in, vegans are definitely not missing out on the ice cream front." This is what my non-vegan friend tells me after he wolfed down half a pint of So Delicious Coconut Milk Cookie Dough Ice Cream.

I was always a fan of Temptation ice cream, which is put out by Chicago Soydairy (makers of Teese) and thought their ice cream could not be beat out. However, after trying So Delicious Coconut Milk I will have to retract that statement. Not only is this ice cream creamy and extra sweet, it is missing that icey/watery consistency that is found in most non-dairy ice creams. On top of that, they have the best ideas for what to do with their freaking creation!
  • Coconut Almond Bars (Chocolate covered ice cream bars with almond crunch... drool)
  • Banana Split Sandwiches (its like a klondike bar but banana split! SO ridiculous!)

  • OK OK I know it's cold and the last thing you want right now is ice cream, but may I mention that I had some of the vanilla bean flavor on top of a warm vegan apple pie and it was the most amazing thing ever?

    And check this shiz out! It's LESS fat! Usually things that taste more awesome are worse for ya, but nope, this is just the epitome of goodness. It is sweetened with agave (yes this is what makes Tequila), which makes it better from those with diabetes due to its low-glycemic content.

    So Delicious ice creams is made by Turtle Mountain, who also makes Soy Delicious ice creams, Purely Decadent ice creams and Sweet Nothings frozen desserts.

    They also make a line of yogurt made with coconut milk. Most of the vegan yogurts I have tried are ickytown with the exception being Whole Soy & Co. so I am curious to see how it tastes. Has anyone tried? I will pick one up tomorrow and lunch and report back!

    UHM woah, they are going crazy and also just came out with Coconut Milk Beverage. I'm guessing it will be a creamier, sweeter version of Soy Milk. Will have to try as well! This might turn out to be quite a treat when used in vegan baking recipes.


    1. I'm interest with your webblog.

    2. I love coconut ice cream! Just made some using the recipes from vegan ice cream blog- YUM! Thanks for following me on Twitter!!

    3. Can you get your hands on Double Rainbow Soy Cream? It is THE BEST I have tried & I have had A LOT of vegan ice cream! If you see it, try Cinnamon Caramel or Vanilla Bean!

    4. ooOOooOO! I have never had Double Rainbow Soy Cream but am very intrigued. Will give it a "Taste Test" as soon as I can find it! Thanks!