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TASTE TEST: GonePie Gluten-Free Walnut Brownie

Gone Pie Gluten-Free Walnut Brownie

RATING:YYY(3 out of 5 hearts!)

These brownies caught my eye immediately. In the display, they reminded me of home baked brownies with their thickness and placement of walnuts. They looked simple and delicious. I decided to purchase the gluten-free brownies with walnuts because I haven’t had a plain brownie with walnuts since I’ve gone vegan.

The best thing about GonePie brownies are the texture. I’ve had other vegan brownies that taste pretty grainy or dry but these were moist, soft and chewy. I loved the added crunch of the walnut. It was a little heavy, but I suppose that is the point. I thought I would not finish the whole thing and be able to save some for later, but in moments I realized the whole thing was gone.

My only complaint was that there was some weird component of the taste that I can’t seem to put my finger on. It was like when you eat something that is sugar-free and it has a weird sucralose aftertaste. After a few bites, I got used to the taste and even enjoyed it very much… but it was slightly off-putting at first.

Overall it was very enjoyable and I was pretty impressed that they pulled off such a tasty vegan , gluten-free brownie and I’m interested in trying out some of their other products (blondies, macaroons, fruit bars).

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