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Babycakes: Frosted Chocolate Chip Banana Bread and Lemon Blueberry Cupcake

Babycakes cupcake party!

RATING:YYYY(4 out of 5 hearts!)
As the spring begins to bloom in New York City, I am more apt to take lunch breaks. Recently on a bright, sunny day, my co-worker and I took a walk over to Babycakes for lunch. I picked up the frosted chocolate chip banana bread and the lemon blueberry cupcake. I’ve never seen either of these products there before so I was glad to go. I love that Babycakes always has some mainstays but otherwise will often have new things popping up on the menu.

The frosted chocolate chip banana bread was quite delicious – very moist, with chunks of banana and sweet chocolate chips dispersed. The creamy vanilla frosting on top was the same frosting that is typically used on the cupcakes (that people buy shots of for $1.50 – yes it is that good). I probably could have eaten a whole loaf of this. The lemon blueberry cupcake was interesting, I don’t know how I feel about it. The lemon frosting on top of the cupcake was amazing! But the blueberries on top of the frosting were kind of weird. I love blueberries but I just don’t know if I enjoyed the consistency of these raw on top. I’m sure that it’s somebody’s cup-of-tea because it was executed well, just not mine so much.

I hope I spend more spring & summer lunch breaks at Babycakes, it's the best pick-me-up that could be!

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