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TASTE TEST: Candle 79 fruit crumble

Candle 79 Summer Fruit Crumble


Candle 79 has a seasonal menu, so this fruit crumble was the perfect summer treat. It consisted of fresh strawberries & blueberries in a shortcake crumble over a strawberry sauce topped with one scoop of lemon chamomile ice cream. The shortbread was ridiculous, it tasted so buttery! I need to find out if they make those cookies in house or not. I would like a pack of them. So so good. The strawberry sauce was sweet and brought out the flavors of the fruit. Every bite was even more delicious than the last. I honestly wouldn't have known that the ice cream was lemon chamomile flavored besides that I read it on the menu. I tasted some lemon but it was very faint. Overall, it was a really delicious dish, though pretty expensive ($12) but definitely worth it considering all the ingredients are organic, homemade and fresh.


  1. That fruit crumble looks really good.