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Stop and Shop Fudge Mint Cookies

I love these accidentally vegan cookies!

When I first went vegan, the two things that were hardest for me to say goodbye to were Cadbury Mini Eggs and Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies. Though both of these treats are seasonal, I would look forward to them all year and then, in that month or so that they are around, eat more than enough to make up for the other 11 months that they are not around.

Anyway I was very sad when Girl Scout Cookie time started rolling around and happened to be shopping with my mom at Stop & Shop. I was going through all the snacks/cookies to see what "happened" to be vegan and stumbled upon Stop & Shop brand fudge mint cookie squares. But wait! I noticed that the Peanut Butter Fudge and Fudge Stripe cookies were also vegan! Of course I got all 3 but to this day the Fudge Mint is a regular staple in my cupboard.

What I love about this cookie is that I don't feel that anything is missing compared to the non-vegan alternative. It's very rich and chocolately. No weird aftertaste. Its not grainy, just smooth fudgey on the outside with a minty crunch on the inside. Aren't you salivating!

I love Stop & Shop. The one near me has a whole veg-friendly aisle with a freezer full of vegan ice creams. Though of course, I'd rather order from Cosmos or Vegan Essentials, this is a great place to run in quick and get some treats if you live close by.

Have you tried these cookies? Know of any other store-brand vegan treats? Post in the comments!!

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  1. I'm still surprised by this one every time you bust them out and eat 'em! Good find :)