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TASTE TEST: Sacred Chow's Brownie Sundae

Brownie Sundae at Sacred Chow

RATING:YY(2 out of 5 hearts!)

My friend and I were meeting up for a post-work dessert and she requested that we find something warm and gooey. The Brownie Sundae at Sacred Chow in the west village looked like it could fit the bill. It consisted of a triple chocolate velvet brownie, topped with hot fudge, vanilla soy ice cream and rainbow sprinkles. Since we wanted something super gooey, we requested that the brownie be warm when served, which the waitress was more than happy to do.

The plate came out and looked adorable. I felt a little like it was my tenth birthday... but who cakes. I was a little surprised it was on a flat plate rather than in a serving dish, but I never feel like I can get the last bit of melted ice cream & fudge at the bottom of those dishes anyway.

The brownie was most certainly chocolately. If eaten alone it definitely would have been too much, but combined with some vanilla ice cream, eat bite was great. The only problem with the brownie was that it was wheat/gluten free and this made it kind of grainy. My friend even said it was more like a chocolate cornbread rather than a brownie. Though grainy, it wasn't heavy like other vegan brownies/cakes.

It was a little pricey ($9), but it most certainly hit the spot. YUM.

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