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TASTE TEST: Souen Organic Ramen

Chocolate Parfait with Vanilla Tofu Cream topped with Granola (Granola not pictured)

RATING:YYY(3 out of 5 hearts!)
I went to Souen Organic Ramen tonight, which had a soft opening yesterday, March 3rd at its location in the East Village. It was a cute little place that kind of reminded me of the cabin of a swank jet from the 60's. The ramen was great, but was looking forward to their fully vegan dessert menu. It only consisted of two items. One was a vegan jello made of seaweed gelatin with fruit suspended inside and the other a chocolate parfait with vanilla tofu cream & granola.

The former reminded me a little too much of the jello they would serve in the HS cafeteria so decided to go with the latter. And what a good decision to make!

It came out in these cute serving cups (please see above) and the vanilla tofu cream and chocolate parfait were swirled perfectly. I did not get granola on mine (allergic to oats), however my friend got his with granola and it was a nice addition.

It tasted pretty heavenly. What I liked about it was that it was light & airy rather than dense and rich. After I ate it, I didn't feel overly full or like I had committed a glutinous sin. To be honest I've never had a parfait before, but I've heard they tend to be thicker. I expected it to be more like a pudding, but instead it was very creamy. It was a little off-putting at first but I liked this consistency better. I bet it would have been nice to have the added crunch of the granola.

Would I have it again? Hell yes, I don't know if I would go back for the ramen, but they should package this thing so I can eat it every night while watching Bravo.

Have you had vegan parfait before? Made it yourself? Followed a recipe? Post in the comments!

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