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YUMMIEST: Place to get sweets post-drinking binge in NYC

credit: Cake Shop

I was out drinking with a gal friend on Friday night in the L.E.S. in New York City and the partying began to wind down. We were ready to sit and stuff some food down our throats so I insisted we go to Cake Shop. I have been there pretty much every night that I have spent in Manhattan in the past 3 months. It's terrible. Not only do they serve Vegan Treats cakes such as peanut butter bomb, strawberry short-cake and death by chocolate but they have a nice selection vegan cupcakes that I really like. My favorite is the chocolate chai.

So why is this place better than other late night options? Not only do they have a fully stacked bar there are also records for sale in the cafe and there's a music venue downstairs.

Any other places that you all go for late night snacks? Cake Shop: love it? hate it? Post in the comments!!


  1. I have heard so much about Vegan Treats Cakes! I really can't wait to taste one!

  2. what time is this place open until? do they have a lot of vegan treats cakes like atlas?? i always go to atlas for cake and want to try someplace new!

  3. I think they are open until 2 am. They don't have as many options as atlas but they have whoopie pies, cookies, cakes & cupcakes. Plus they serve alcohol!