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Dandies Ain't It?!

Today (or last night?) at the Natural Foods Expo West in Anaheim, Chicago Soy Dairy released a new product - Dandies. These vegan marshmallows supposedly melt in the microwave, don't need to be refrigerated AND are full of tasty goodness. I absolutely believe it since their other products - teese and temptation ice cream are two of my favorite vegan goods.

Need to get my hands on them ASAP. RT @chicagosoydairy they'll be available online very soon.

Expect a taste test in the new few weeks! I want to test out both the marshmallows alone and in recipes! yum!

OK so I'll leave you with some food porn.

3/8 - UPDATE: Dandies won the best new vegetarian product at the natural foods expo! Congrats!!

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