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Happy Birthday to Me!

Babycakes Cupcakes in my Bag!

Here's what I got myself for my Birthday this past Thursday... Babycakes Cupcakes! I'll do a whole profile on this place another day but this is one of my favorite cupcake places... definitely my favorite in New York City. Cute store, amazing sign out front, adorable staff and awesome selection of cupcakes, brownies, breads, scones, ICE CREAM CHIPWICHES, etc. Tend to allergies, use agave nectar instead of sugar. It's a pretty magical place.

I got myself the chocolate mint brownie cupcake and a plain vanilla spelt cupcake. love.


  1. as a non-vegan, babycakes cupcakes are AMAZING and much better than magnolia AND you can't even tell that they're vegan. yummmmm :)