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TASTE TEST: Happy Buddha Cakes

Happy Buddha Tofu-Cheesecake & Decadent Chocolate Cake

RATING:Y(1 out of 5 hearts!)
Um. I never go to Queens. I was there this past Saturday and got to check out Happy Buddha Vegetarian, which is a vegetarian chinese restaurant chock full of mock meats and dim sum dishes.

I noticed the vegan desserts menu consistent of a "decadent chocolate cake" and a "cheesecake" so I decided to try both.

Both were pretty disappointing. They must have been kept in a freezer because they were both hard as rocks and cold when they arrived on our table. The cheesecake was more edible than the chocolate cake because it actually did have a nice cheesecake flavor. I think if it wasn't frozen, it might have tasted pretty good. Most tofu cheesecakes taste just like plain tofu to me, which is gross, but this definitely had that cheesecake edge going on.

Unfortunately, there's not much positive to say about the decadent chocolate cake. It was spongy with absolutely no flavor. There was no frosting/ganache/sauce... nothing, just spongy boring frozen hard cake. At some point while trying to cut a piece my fork went flying... sigh.

I wanted so hard to like these but they really missed the mark.

Have any of you had the desserts at Happy Buddha? Any other great spots in Queens? Post in the comments!

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