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SPOTLIGHT: Etsy Vegan BakeShops

Cream Bakery Cupcake Cookies (Credit: Cream Bakery)

I discovered Etsy around the holidays last year when I was looking to purchase gifts for friends. Most of the items are handmade and one-of-a-kind so I thought it would be really rad to purchase gifts solely from these shops. My friends loved the gifts and the originality of it. Some vegan companies got the idea to sell their wares on Etsy too. I noticed that several shops specialize in vegan cupcakes, cakes, TWINKIES, cookies and all sorts of goodies. I am just starting to realize how amazing the possibilities are, it’s the world’s vegan bakery right at your finger-tips. Here are some of the shops I’m loving…

  • Cream Bakery
  • Sweet Fritsy
  • The Cupcake Mint
  • Tanlayens
  • Vegan Propamanda
  • KT's Kitchen
  • Clover & Clutch
  • A Vegan Bakery
  • Sugarplum Vegan

    Some of these mail out and some will even deliver to your home as long as you are within their radius (up to 25 miles!) My only issue here is that I don’t really have a reason to order a dozen twinkies besides the fact that I want to eat them all… I’m going to space out my ordering and try all these shops for you guys!

    Do you have an Etsy Bakeshop and I left you out? Did you order from any of these shops in the past? Post in the comments!!

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    1. Oh, drool. I want them all! Tanlayens and A Vegan Bakery should really add a location and profile, though. Most of us like to know who and where we're buying from.