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TASTE TEST: Sweet & Sara Peanut Butter 'Smores

Sweet & Sara Peanut Butter 'Smores (Credit: Sweet & Sara)

RATING:YYY(3 out of 5 hearts!)

I was walking to the train yesterday from work and I stopped in the supermarket Jubilee. This is where I picked up the Sweet & Sara marshmallows for the vegan “peeps” I made a few weeks back so I wanted to see what other goodies they had. I saw a few vegan cookies and other goodies but I was once again drawn to Sweet & Sara. I picked up the Peanut Butter ‘Smores, which looked to me like a huge mallomar. Since it was so big I decided to check the calorie count & serving size (Yes I do do this every once in a while) and DAMN, not listed?! That seemed kind of strange to me and off-putting. I can’t find nutritional info on their site either. Isn’t that illegal?

Anyway, the Smore rocked. I may be 10 pounds heavier, but very tasty. It’s topped with a dark chocolate covered shell, the peanut butter marshmallow is in the middle and there’s a graham cracker crusted bottom. The consistency is just perfect, each bite has the soft sponginess of the marshmallow along with the crunch of the chocolate shell and the cracker. The chocolate/cinnamon/peanut butter flavor was awesome. Very rich. I loved this, I tried to only eat half but I ended up eating the whole thing. I will probably find myself getting these from time to time. I know there’s a non-peanut butter ‘Smore as well for those who aren’t as big of a peanut butter fan as I am.

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