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TASTE TEST: Missionary Smooth Espresso Square Chocolate Truffle

Smooth Espresso Square Truffle from Missionary Chocolates (Credit: Missionary Chocolates)

RATING:YYYYY(5 out of 5 hearts!)
Missionary Chocolates makes vegan truffles out of Portland, Oregon. I picked up their Smooth Espresso Square Truffle at Stogo in NYC. Oh manna. This truffle is ridiculous. I love espresso/coffee so of course if I were to try one truffle by this brand it would be the espresso one. The filling is so creamy and smooth. I hate when I buy a truffle and the inside is hard and sticks to my teeth. This was perfect. The outside was a perfect thin shell of dark chocolate. And the top had ground cacao nips which added a little crunch. So delicious. Oh and hello, how many times must I say this - turns out the center is so creamy because it is made with coconut milk, seriously coconut milk is where it's at!

I really have to say I am very impressed with their ability to skip over the whole "this is good for a vegan chocolate" level to the "this is a really good truffle" level. Simply amazing.

Some other truffles they have are spicy cinnamon chipotle, glorious ginger, peanut butter passion and peppermint perfection. Yum, must try them all.

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  1. Hello Sweet Little SweetTooth!

    I'm Melissa, and I make the truffles at Missionary Chocolates. Thank you so much for your wonderful review, I'm so delighted you like what we do!

    I'd like to send you a few more truffles to review however, if you'd be willing! Please email me your mailing address to missionarychocolates@yahoo.com - I'm curious to know if the NYC tastebud is different than in PDX, because so far the flavors that sell out first at Stogos are not the same ones that sell out here.....but we've only been in there 2 weeks, so who knows?

    Thanks again for spreading the word about us, and look forward to tasting more!